Math AQ

When I decided to go into teaching, I never thought I would teach math. I’m a History/English person who has an HBA in Political Science and History. Math and I are not friends. We used to be, but somewhere in Grade 9 we had a horrible falling out and I vowed:

So, how did I end up here?

I found out that I love teaching and the grade “number” no longer mattered to me. Once I stepped into supply teaching and no longer paid attention to the “I/S” attached to my diploma, I realized I wanted to TEACH and that meant all subjects. Math was no longer “scary” and I wanted to help students understand concepts that my teacher failed to teach me. Fast forward to April when I completed my Junior ABQ and now I was looking for some more PD. I decided Math was the way to go. It was where I could get better, where I wanted to know more and I already had a background in Reading/Writing strategies.


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